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Park View Middle School

Park View Middle School is a 6-8 school committed to preparing students for a college preparatory secondary education. We develop life-long learners who become responsible, constructive members of their communities.

 Canyon View Preparatory Academy

Canyon View Preparatory Academy is a college preparatory environment wherein students are turned into leaders. Students can choose regular, honors or AP courses. The Academy also offers dual enrollment with local colleges so that students may graduate well on their way to an associate’s degree.

 Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills Charter School is a K-8 school which prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to be constructive citizens. FHCS provides an environment which stimulates and nurtures each child’s growth.

Arts Academy of Scottsdale

AAS is committed to providing a rigorous and relevant education to it students with a focus on the arts in education. Our goal is to develop life-long learners. We teach students how to become responsible members of their communities.